TTM Success 01/21/2014: Alvin Dark

Yesterday I received my latest TTM success.  This time it was from former Oakland Athletics manager Alvin Dark.  He autographed a 1987 Oakland Athletics Mother’s Cookies card.  He also included a religious pamphlet talking about his story and how he found Christ.  Unfortunately the pamphlet is not autographed.  The autograph seen is pre-printed.

Alvin began his baseball career as a shortstop for the Boston Braves and was named the 1948 National League Rookie of the Year. His playing career lasted until 1960. In addition to the Braves, Alvin played for the New York Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies.

In 1961 Alvin made the switch to the dugout when he became the manager for the San Francisco Giants.  Alvin also managed for the Kansas City Athletics, Cleveland Indians, Oakland Athletics and San Diego Padres.  His managerial career lasted until 1977 when he managed the second half of the season for the San Diego Padres.

Alvin is currently 92 years old and as of January 2014 he is the oldest living manager of a World Series winning, Pennant winning or Post-Season team.

TTM Autograph of Alvin Dark

TTM Autograph of Alvin Dark


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