TTM Projects

I believe that when sending out TTMs it is a good idea to have specific projects to work on. This helps to focus your mailings and build your collection they way you want it.

For me I have 3 projects that I am working on. The first and most important is the Oakland Athletics project. This is were I am sending requests to current or former Oakland Athletics. Most of these successes will be posted here.

My other 2 projects are fairly similar. I am trying to get cards from the 1987 Fleer set and the 1988 Topps set signed. Why these sets? Well, these are a couple of the first sets that I collected and completed. Also they are my favorite sets from this era.

As of this posting I have acquired 24 1987 Fleer & Fleer Update and 26 1988 Topps and Topps Traded autographed cards. Most of these cards have been signed TTM, but some have been signed in person.

Even tough I have some projects that I am working on, there are some exceptions. At times I will find some players who sign TTM that I am interested in getting autographs from. Most recently there are 2 who have fallen outside of the projects. Ken Singleton of the Baltimore Orioles and Burt Hooton of the Los Angeles Dodgers.


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