Billy McKinney Rainbow Project – Special Edition

My next Rainbow Project will feature the Oakland Athletics No. 2 ranked prospect by Billy McKinney. The cards will be from the recently released 2014 Bowman set. However, this will be no ordinary Rainbow Project. This time I have added a twist, each of the cards in the Rainbow Project will be signed in person.

I am fortunate enough tom live in Stockton, CA home of the Stockton Ports the Class A Advanced Affiliate of the Athletics. Billy is playing with the Ports this season. Since I am a season ticket holder I have plenty on opportunities to get Billy’s autograph while he is with the team.

I am really excited about this project and I am looking forward to getting as many different cards signed as possible. I will post the first 2 entries (pre-auto) later today. Other variants are on the way and I will post them as I receive them. I will also follow up with posts and pictures of the cards after getting the In-Person Autograph (IPA).


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