The New Herd: 2014 Draft Results, Rounds 1-20

With the 2014 First-Year Player Draft wrapping up we wanted to recap the players the Oakland Athletics drafted in the first 20 rounds. Here are the names of The New Herd that could be wearing a minor league affiliate very soon.

Round Pick Player Position School
1 25 Chapman, Matt 3B Cal State Fullerton
2 65 Gossett, Daniel RHP Clemson University
3 101 Graves, Brett RHP Missouri
4 132 Schwartz, Jordan RHP Niagara
5 162 Fillmyer, Heath RHP Mercer County CC (NJ)
6 192 Loehr, Trace SS Rex Putnam HS (OR)
7 222 Cogswell, Branden SS Virginia
8 252 Kelliher, Branden RHP Lake Stevens HS (WA)
9 282 Fagan, Mike LHP Princeton University
10 312 Miller, Corey RHP Pepperdine University
11 342 Seddon, Joel RHP South Carolina
12 372 Willman, Tyler RHP Western Illinois
13 402 Kuhn, Robert 2B Kentucky
14 432 Schroeder, Casey C Polk State College (FL)
15 462 Gilbert, Trent 2B Arizona
16 492 Brizuela, Jose 3B Florida State
17 522 Cheray, Eric C Missouri State University
18 552 Nolan, Michael LHP Oklahoma City University
19 582 Gavitt, Tom C Bryant University (RI)
20 612 Guana, Koby RHP Cal State Fullerton

Note: Rounds 21-40 will be included in a different post.


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