One Year of TTMs: A Progress Report

I have been sending out cards to be signed though the mail (TTM) for just over a year. I wanted to share a progress report on this process and outline what my focus has been for sending cards .

I sent my first TTM out to Pat Neshek in March of 2013. The return was really fast, around 6 days. However, it would be another 8 months before I would pick up this hobby full force.

Since November 2013 I have sent out 110 requests including 15 that I sent out in the last 2 weeks. Of those requests I have had 88 successes, a return rate of 80%. Of the pending requests 12 were part of the requests from the last 2 weeks. This means that 10 requests are over 1 month old.

In the successes, I have received back 307 autographed cards from the cards I sent. I have also received 3 bonus signed cards included in 2 of the successes. 2 cards from Bob Lacey and 1 card from Frank Tanana.

As of this post, I have only had 2 failures. One RTS for “not at this address”. One RTS because forwarding time expired, but it did list the current address on the label and I was able to turn that failure into a success.

To date my primary focus has been sending out Oakland Athletics cards and cards that are apart of one of the following sets: 1981 Fleer, 1987 Fleer and 1988 Topps. So far, I have received 92 Oakland Athletics cards from my TTM requests.  Here are the stats for the sets I’ve been collecting:

1981 Fleer (660 cards): 29 autographed cards – 4.39% complete

1987 Fleer (660 cards): 45 autographed cards – 6.82% complete
1987 Fleer Update (132 cards): 10 autographed cards – 7.55% complete
1987 Fleer combined (792 cards): 55 autographed cards – 6.94% complete

1988 Topps (792 cards): 56 autographed cards – 7.07% complete
1988 Topps Traded (132 cards): 3 autographed cards – 2.27% complete
1988 Topps combined (924 cards): 59 autographed cards – 6.39% complete

Note: Not all of the cards in these sets were signed TTM some were signed in person at various ball games or events.

In my next post about TTMs, I will outline some of the changes I have made to the focus of the requests I send out.


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