Autograph Card Collection Acquired – July 18, 2015

On July 18, 2015, I acquired part of a collection of In-Person Autographed cards from a friend of mine.  Like me, he collected autographs from players in the California League. This collection is from the era just before the Stockton Ports became an Oakland Athletics affiliate, approximately 1999-2002. The collection I acquired contains approximately 800 cards. One aspect of this collection I find interesting is that some of the cards are from the time when Stockton changed their name to the Mudville Nine (2000-01).

There are quite a few duplicates in this collection, however that does not bother me as there are many duplicates in my collection. A couple of the better known prospect names include Josh Hamilton, Francisco Rodriguez and Jake Peavy. A couple of coaches who were retired MLB players include Tim Wallach and Manny Trillo.

It will take me quite a while to go through this collection and figure out what is in it.  After the first look through the cards I have to say it was a worthwhile investment. I will be posting some pics of the collection in the next few days.


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