Bowman’s Best

This is the third article in The Bowman Series, an in-depth look at Bowman Baseball Cards. In this article I take a look at Bowman’s Best and it’s place in the Bowman lineup.

Bowman’s Best is the final Bowman release of the year. It typically come out in mid- to late-December and is the second Bowman release featuring players from that years MLB Draft Class. Bowman’s Best follows Bowman Draft by about 2 weeks.

The base set consists of a 70 cards of rookies and veterans in addition to a 30 card prospect set featuring top prospects and draft picks. With a small base set the main attraction of Bowman’s Best is the rookie and prospect autographs. A hobby box contains a total of 4 autographed cards.

Some collectors have told me that Bowman’s Best is a superfluous release. They claim that this set floods an over-saturated prospect market with even more prospect autographs. Really this product serves as a more economical way for collectors to get autographs of top prospects and draft picks. Not everyone can afford a Bowman Chrome Autograph of their favorite prospects.

Bowman’s Best is essentially the Bowman version of Topps Finest. Finest is a mid-tier set that showcases stars and rookies on a chromium stock. The base set for Finest contains 100 cards and there are many parallels and inserts to chase in addition to the set.

The configuration of the hobby box is even the similar. A hobby box of Bowman’s Best contains 2 mini-boxes and each mini-box contains 6 packs of cards and 2 autographs. So there are 4 autographs in each hobby box. Topps Finest only has 1 autograph in each mini-box. The focus on prospects in Bowman’s Best is what sets these two releases apart.

This set is not for everyone. Set collectors might not like this set as it would take quite a few boxes to build the set. It is geared more towards the hit driven collectors who want to chase cards and parallels of the prospects. Whether you like this set or not this is a great release each year. It is the first and only mid-tier product that showcases the year’s draft class.

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