1991 Topps Errors and Variations

In this set I am only looking for the regular back (light logo) error and variation cards. The top card in the photo below is an example.

1991 topps lansford

The majority of the errors and variations on my list come from The Trading Card Database. Exception are #277 Scott Coolbaugh and #374 Larry Casian (I found that on baseballerrors.com). You can find the complete list with pictures here: 1991 Topps Errors and Variations

Updated list: 03/16/2019: Moved the corrected cards to the base set list

1991 Topps Errors and Variations
5 Cal Ripken Jr. Record Breaker VAR: E*F* on Copyright Line
22 Storm Davis VAR: No trademark note on front
42 Chris Hoiles VAR: White inset border on front
270 Mark McGwire ERR: 1987 Slugging percentage is 618, should be .618
374 Larry Casian VAR: Pimples on neck
588 Mark Whiten VAR: Hand extends outside of left border
656 Checklist #5 ERR: #433 V.Palacios, should be #438; #537 J.Lind; #381 J.Leyland; #665 M.LaValliere
685 Doug Drabek VAR: White inset border on front
692 Efrain Valdez ERR: Incorrect Birthdate 6-11-66 (correct two lines of text)

03/21/2019: 8 cards needed; 40/48; 83.3% complete
03/16/2019: 9 cards needed; 39/48; 81.3% complete
02/07/2019: 40 cards needed; 38/78; 48.7% complete
01/31/2019: 41 cards needed; 37/78; 47.4% complete