2018 Bowman

Bowman Prospects
BP21 Luis Robert – Chicago White Sox
BP87 McKenzie Mills – Philadelphia Phillies
BP136 Jo Adell – Los Angeles Angels

Bowman Chrome Prospects
BCP1 Ronald Acuna – Atlanta Braves
BCP10 Justin Williams – Tampa Bay Rays
BCP29 Taylor Ward – Los Angeles Angels
BCP65 Scott Kingery – Philadelphia Phillies
BCP81 Nick Pratto – Kansas City Royals
BCP99 Logan Allen – San Diego Padres
BCP103 Mitchell White – Los Angeles Dodgers
BCP107 D.L. Hall – Baltimore Orioles
BCP117 C.J. Chatham – Boston Red Sox
BCP123 Jordan Hicks – St. Louis Cardinals

Set completed on 06/11/2018

1 Base and 4 Chrome needed as of 06/09/2018

3 Base and 10 Chrome needed as of 05/24/2018

Cards notated in red are a part of an incoming trade.