TTM Success 02/24/2014: Bert Campaneris

On Monday, February 24th, I received my best TTM success to date.  I received a signed card from Bert Campaneris. Bert was a 6x All-Star in 1968, 1972, 1973, 1974 and 1975 with the Oakland Athletics, and in 1977 with the Texas Rangers. He was also a 3x World Series Champion with the Oakland Athletics from 1972-74. Bert was a career .259 batter with 2,249 hits and 649 stolen bases.

Back in 2012 I tried to get his autograph when he participated in the Legends of Baseball Vintage Showdown. This event took place in Stockton on the Fourth of July, but I was unsuccessful that day. I did, however, score a few other autographs that day.

Bert Campaneris is one of my All-Time favorite players and he signed a 1987 Mother’s Cookie Oakland Athletics All-Star card for me.

TTM Autograph of Bert Campaneris

TTM Autograph of Bert Campaneris