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Athletics PC over 50% logged!

My Athletics PC has reached the 50% mark for cards listed on the A’s Master Collection Checklist.

Currently the PC is sitting at 50.11%. The card that pushed the collection over 50% was the 1992 Topps Gold Dave Henderson.

This checklist was started by @ourtradingcards and I have been updating for my collection.

You can see an updated count below of how many unique Athletics I currently own. There are a few hundred more cards, mostly parallels and inserts, that I have not yet added to the checklist to be logged. That is a slow work in progress.

Cards for sale

I am now selling cards on Sportlots in addition to eBay. My Sportlots user ID is brianb03. Check out my store and pick up some cards. Prices start as low as $0.18. There are many baseball cards available from 2014 all the way through the recent 2020 sets. If you see some cards you want you can always message me and maybe we can work out a deal off eBay or Sportlots.

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Athletics PC counter:
11,833 unique cards
as of May 12, 2020.

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